We believe pitch.Me represents a powerful social revolution in business networking and sales introductions.

Current System:

The mighty American consumer has made social media and networking companies worth hundreds of billions of dollars because we let them sell our eyeballs, our human attention, to the highest bidder.

The mighty American consumer has also made search companies worth hundreds of billions of dollars as we let them sell our thoughts, our search results, our HUMAN INTENTIONS, to the highest bidder.

Think about it, every time we search for something online, we are telling a company our INTENTIONS, and they are then selling our intentions.  Our intentions have actual cash value in the world of smart phones, apps, cryptocurrency, and connectedness.

For the first time in human history, pitch.Me is the tool that can turn your attention and purchase intentions into hard currency, real money, for the causes you care about.

With pitch.Me, each human is now able to invest the universal currency that is their human attention into the types of marketing messages that they are interested in, not those messages that have been forced upon them by the advertisers that have the biggest marketing budget.  This is the power of generous and respectful commerce!

If we think of our human attention as a currency, we humans invest our attention in seeking the information, knowledge, and experiences that we desire!  The team behind pitch.Me is building tools to help every human more efficiently monetize their most precious and valuable asset, their human attention.

The power of your human attention can be thought of as a social resource, something that can be used for good for the benefit of all.

Platforms like pitch.Me now allow every member of our adult society the ability to generously and respectfully request a conversation with any other member of our adult society by simply making a donation to their favorite charity.

Think about it:  The foundation of our economy is human attention…nothing happens until someone sells something…and a sale can never be made without human attention.

It all starts with your VALUABLE human attention, and HOW YOU SPEND IT!

You see, your human attention (and of course, human intentions) are real currency when you use online services and social platforms.

Platforms like pitch.Me, Steem, BAC and services like Netflix are putting consumers in control of their human attention in powerful ways that we are only now starting to understand.

Due to these emerging technologies, traditional media such as television is becoming a much less effective way to harvest human attention (get human brains to see your advertising message, your “pitch”)

With pitch.Me, humans now have a very easy way to direct Billions of dollars every year to charity, and all we each have to do is something a little different, but way better, than the way we are doing it now.


Currently, we humans reveal our intentions to buy something every time we search for something we wish to spend money on.

For example:

When you search for “Auto Insurance” you have most likely given a company your money, AND, given away your data, as you have told them what you intend to do, which is to attempt to purchase auto insurance from a different company than you currently purchase it from, in order to potentially save money or obtain better service.

This simple search:

“Auto Insurance”

Communicates VOLUMES to marketing and advertising companies who sell auto insurance leads, and make a TON of money doing it.  This is cool, but that money could now go to your favorite charity if you communicate your intentions thru pitch.Me!

These numbers are not exact at all, but if a human searches for “Whole Life Insurance, Buy Sell Agreement” companies might pay a media company $50.00 or more if you click thru to their advertisement…with only the smallest of opportunities to tell you their story before they lose your attention and you move along to another website or personal thought…anything may have caused you to not purchase life insurance from them, but they spent $50 dollars, and they will never know.

How much more powerful and valuable if you were to post your intentions on a platform like pitch.Me?  MUCH MORE VALUABLE!

Being in the insurance business, I can tell you that I would gladly donate $100 to your favorite charity to tell you in 15 minutes why I know I am the best Buy/Sell Life insurance guy in our town, as it might cost me over $1000 in search advertising before I get a real opportunity to have a real conversation with a real human who has given me their intentions to purchase what I sell.

Even if I don’t close the deal, the $100 dollars is well donated/invested in that 15-minute face to face conversation because I will have actually interacted with the potential client…even the best social media and search advertising cannot offer that, real human interaction.

Real Human Interaction…what everyone wants!

Only we humans have the power to offer real human interaction thru pitch.Me and other social revolutions that are making business and sales introductions a way more meaningful event, for all of humanity, than any other form of business networking ever has before!

Many other humans, such as you, are waking up to the power of their human attention and respectful commerce, and are joining the revolution every day!

In their book, The Social Organism by: Oliver Luckett & Michael J. Casey, these individuals wisely point out that as a society, “We can’t cultivate selfish, protective, overly competitive individuals for a system that’s inherently dependent on cooperation and sharing.  To the economist and social theorist Jeremy Rifkin, failure to make that pedagogical transition could very well doom the planet.  “We need to teach our young people to share as part of human society,” Rifkin says.  “Then we can prepare them to live in an interconnected planetary society and to understand the biosphere in which we live.””

Our ever-evolving human society, so dominated by the media, social and otherwise, would be well served to cooperate and share more, and pitch.Me is the perfect way for us to do that!

The choice is simple…

We can either continue to let the dominant media companies become Trillion dollar walled gardens of content and wealth by giving them the real cash value of our human attention and human intentions…

– Or –

We can use pitch.Me and other social technologies to direct the value of our human attention and human intentions to help heal the world in all the ways that are important to us, individually!

I know, a no-brainer!  What could be better?

The choice has been obvious to every good, thoughtful, caring, and loving human that I have spoken with about pitch.Me, and I can assure you that that number is in the thousands at this point!

Every human that I have spoken with regarding the value of their human attention and intentions, 100% of the time, would rather use a social/charitable platform to direct the value of their commerce themselves as compared to giving that value to a media company.

Please don’t misunderstand me, search is fantastic and world changing!  We all love search!  Social media is cool, no doubt!

With pitch.Me, we don’t need to search quite so much anymore when we want to spend our money or are seeking business solutions…we can help sales people come directly to us, cutting out the middleman, by sending money to charity, it’s very simple…and we save valuable time!

Search is great for other things, and will never go away, but I will never again invest my precious and valuable time searching for companies or browsing websites when I’m looking to spend money.  It is simply much more efficient and valuable for everyone if we connect on pitch.Me first!

pitch.Me is providing the critical, respectful bridge that has been missing in the past, hindering efficient business connections.  If you use Linked In, your pitch.Me profile makes your business networking even more efficient and valuable!

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