How I use The Shapr App from 7-8 AM daily to grow my business.

Written By: Brandon Ansel | Founder & CEO of pitch.Me

If you are new to Shapr, I’m going to attempt to bring you up to speed.

Shapr, a professional networking app, delivers you 10-20 other professional profiles you might be interested in communicating with.  If you “swipe right”, your profile will be delivered to that professional. If they “swipe right” as well, a communication connection is open.

For efficiency, you are only connected with people whom you share common “keyword” interests with on the app.  Generally, you are only connected with individuals near your geographic location that share similar interests. Historically, the app has done a great job of connecting me with professionals that have very relevant profiles.

The app has commanded much of my attention as I work to launch a charitable revolution in business introductions with our app pitch.Me. With pitch.Me, you can compliment your Shapr profile by making a charitable donation in exchange for an intro call, which happens directly through the pitch.Me app.

Shapr has proven to be a goldmine of valuable connections, very efficiently connecting me with business professionals who are looking to network and help each other be successful.  I am learning to adjust my keywords in order to meet more potential partners and am finding that the app is getting more and more useful for my business every time I use it.

If growing your business involves communicating with new professionals, then you should consider investing some time and energy into Shapr.

As with most things in life, you get what you give with Shapr. Take some time daily to use the app and to build mutually beneficial relationships with those you connect with. You never know, that one “swipe right” could actually turn into a real business deal or valuable relationship in the future!  That said, giving Shapr one hour per day has proven very rewarding for my business and I believe that it will help your business as well.

My process is to make initial connections with Shapr, quickly identify any mutually beneficially business opportunities, and then using pitch.Me to show my new prospects how serious I am in my belief that I can help them be successful.

This has proven to be a winning combination: Shapr + pitch.Me!



About Brandon Ansel

Over the last 15 years, Brandon has maintained a vibrant business career and has successfully partnered in over a dozen business ventures including most recently the professional business introductions app pitch.Me. Brandon previously spent 7 years in the private equity industry as a Vice President for the InvestLinc Group and then a Founding Partner of NorthStar Capital, LLC. As an entrepreneur, Brandon’s current business ventures include venture capital, franchise operations, insurance, unique debt solutions, software as a service, and business strategy consulting.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Spring Arbor University graduating Summa Cum Laude in 2001. Brandon resides in Parma Michigan with his wife Sarah and four school age children. He is also a published author of the book, “The Next Right Thing.”



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