Hold the Doughnuts.

Door to door sales is a successful customer acquisition strategy in multiple industries. You or someone you may know may even sell a product or service with this strategy. When we think of door to door sales, many industries may come to mind, however, they all have the same end goal: A conversation with the Decision Maker.

Almost every Decision Maker across countless industries have sales professionals make in-person cold visits. The ultimate outcome of these visits is obvious: get a few moments of the Decision Maker’s time to tell them about their product or service. If this is the case, what separates that salesperson from the next?

Current Strategy:

Have you tried one of the following strategies in the past to get through the gatekeeper?

Gift cards?

Lunch for the staff?

Gift baskets?

Sports tickets?

Doughnuts? (our favorite is Hinkley’s here in Jackson, Michigan FYI)

All of these tactics are used by your competition as well and are often not a differentiator for you or your company. Do these tactics work? Sure, sometimes they do. We know in-person sales calls make up the fabric of many industries, however, we a better way to do it and we’re letting you in on the secret.

The New Strategy:

We’re proud to introduce the pitch.Me Donation Card. Imagine walking into a prospect’s office and leaving behind a card (produced to look and feel just like an actual gift card) that encourages people to have a 15-minute conversation with you in exchange for a donation to their favorite charity. The cards contain all the instructions they need to follow (all three of them) in order to have a conversation with you. Plus, they do not need to even download the app to have a conversation as your call can go directly to their preferred phone number via the pitch.Me Cloud.

Here’s the skinny:

  1. Create a profile on pitch.Me if you haven’t yet (kinda important for step).
  2. Get your unique “Outreach Link” found in your profile.
  3. Contact our Support team with the number of cards you’ll need, your company’s logo and your unique link.
  4. We will orchestrate the production of the cards and have them shipped directly to your office.
  5. Lastly, drop the card off at your next sales visit and let us know how it goes. So far, the results have proven to increase conversations and lead to more deals closed!

Interested in standing out?

Contact our support team and we’ll work directly with you to create a custom Donation Card for your business. This is an easy, unique way to make a difference in your community and get more conversations with hard-to-reach Decision Makers.

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