Cold calls don’t help get business deals done. Solid relationships do. Making meaningful connections and building relationships on a personal level are two major benefits of using the pitch.Me platform.

Steven Gohl is the founder of 343 Technologies, a Michigan-based technology solutions consultant that is headquartered in Gaylord and has an office in Jackson. 343 Technologies, a Sprint Business Provider, is not just a cell phone provider. 343 Technologies aims to provide cost-saving solutions to technology issues facing companies across the nation.

pitch.Me has helped 343 Technologies expand its geographical reach. It also has helped Gohl make more meaningful connections than he could have otherwise. That’s because it’s pretty easy to make a personal connection when there is a charity involved. It’s natural for providers like Gohl and deciders, like those he connects with via pitch.Me, to discuss the charity that benefits from their conversation.

“I think it’s really cool to see what people are passionate about,” Gohl said. “It’s just a way to really connect at a deeper level than saying, ‘Hey, I’m here to sell you something.’ You get to have a conversation about why they chose their charity. It’s really rewarding to dedicate my advertising money toward something that’s meaningful.”

Gohl said that, thanks to the benefits to charities, deciders have a vested interest in his success even if they don’t personally need the services he provides.

“They’ve been proactive and really respecting that I’ve made a donation to their charity,” he said. “They want to provide value to that conversation. If they’re not a good fit, they’re often trying to find a way to benefit me.”

That discussion and donation not only strengthen the relationship that Gohl has with those he connects with, it leads to other connections and relationships in the form of referrals. Those referrals lead to sales.

“It’s really about relationship building,” Gohl said. “The great thing is that every pitch that I’ve done, I’m getting their email and following up on email, getting connected on social media. So, in my mind, I’ve accomplished what I wanted to do. I’ve made a connection, they’ve learned more about me and my company which is a foundational step earning their business.”

Gohl jumped on the pitch.Me train early in the process and he has no plans to get off.

“It’s going to continue to set my company apart in how we do business,” he said. “We want to be more than just another salesperson. We want to be a consultant and have a more personal relationship with people – pitch.Me can help me do that.”

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