Standing Out

This weekend, we’ll be glued to our televisions, tablets and phones watching one of the largest sporting events take place. With the attention of over 100 million people, marketers around the world will be using this opportunity to tell you about their brand, mission or product.

You would assume we’re going to highlight the fact that commercials cost north of 5 MILLION DOLLARS for a 30 second spot and how that money could be allocated to support causes around the world. While we believe this to be true, that’s not what’s on our minds.  We curious to see how a brand can stand out, especially with a 5M investment on the line.

Do you remember what you did last year on the Monday following the big game? Maybe you were a touch foggy-headed, but more than likely you had at least one conversation about the commercials. Which was the funniest? Which was the most political? We bet you’ve probably asked those questions. But really, what are we actually discussing? We’re putting a value to how engaged our attention was for the 30 seconds or so that marketers had us captivated.

How engaged you are or are not is what keeps marketers up at night.

The reality is most sales professionals have this same struggle. They work hard, maybe spend a lot of money, to get just a few moments of their prospect’s time, hoping to make a lasting impression. Chances are you’ve never compared your sales pitch to a 5M commercial, but really it’s pretty similar if you think about it. That same person watching the game, helping collectively command the large price tag for just 30 seconds of their time, is now on the receiving end of your pitch. It just got real.

 The question is, how are you standing out?

This is why we created pitch.Me. We’re helping Sales Professionals stand out in the crowd. When you get your chance to make a pitch, give your prospect something to engage with. Use pitch.Me as your introduction and engagement tool by making a donation to their favorite cause in exchange for a few moments of their time.

So how does it work? Start by creating a profile at Once you’ve joined, get your free Outreach Link and start giving prospects a respectful way to connect with you. When the recipient clicks your Outreach Link,  they can choose a date to talk with you as well as the charity they’d like to receive the donation you’ll make to get a 15-minute call with them. We process and send your donation to the charity selected automatically. Calls are initiated seamlessly through the pitch.Me app and will route directly to your prospect’s preferred phone number. Pretty cool, huh?

You get the attention you’re looking for.
Your prospect receives valuable information about how you can help their business.
Charities reap all the benefits.

Stand out. Make a difference. Close more deals.

Get the app.




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