Create A Giving Goal

This time of year, sales organizations are setting goals for themselves and their sales teams. We’ve spoken with countless sales leaders and we’ve noticed a new trend: Sales teams are creating giving goals in addition to their sales goals for the upcoming year. This is an incredible trend and a fantastic way to help your community as well as another way to engage your sales team. We understand that sticking to a plan throughout the entire year is often challenging. We’ve come to help!

Setting up an automatic monthly donation is usually pretty simple. Most non-profits we work with have a way to donate directly from their website or social media accounts. You can set monthly donations from your credit, debit or checking account within just a few minutes. Some organizations we’ve talked with will automatically withdraw a donation amount directly from your paycheck each week but as a percentage. This way if your income changes throughout the year, you’re able to give consistently.

Year End
Some professionals we interviewed said they’ve used a hybrid approach to support their favorite organization. Instead of giving the maximum amount each week or month, they plan for a large year-end contribution and donate smaller amounts throughout the year. This is a great approach for professionals who traditionally receive profit sharing or other forms of bonuses in the later part of the year.

Have a Plan
It helps to start with a plan. Professionals unanimously agreed that creating a plan was the most important step. While each organization has their own way of tracking and reporting, we found that a simple Excel spreadsheet generally works best. Forecast your sales goals alongside your giving goals each month. Print your goals and keep it visible around your office or workspace. Keeping your goals top of mind will help encourage you as well as your sales organization throughout the year!

Think Different
Apple coined this phrase but it really is a great approach when it comes to giving. We created pitch.Me as a way for Sales Professionals to get access to Decision Makers in exchange for a small donation to their favorite charity. If you’re in the process of creating sales and giving goals, introduce pitch.Me to your sales team as a way to help reach both goals! The pitch.Me app has helped sales pros get those hard-to-reach Decision Makers on the phone all the while helping charities across the country.

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