Anyone with a television set, a laptop or a smartphone has seen stunning visuals representing the absolute catastrophe that has hit Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The fourth largest city in the United States has seen devastating flooding like it has never seen before. People are in need of help. We at pitch.Me want to let you know an easy way how you can be of assistance.

Disaster Relief At Work (DRAW) is a non-profit organization based in Michigan that is fully dedicated to providing relief services to communities that have been hit by natural disasters. They are good people who do good work across the country. Their assistance will be needed in and around Houston for the foreseeable future.

You can make a positive impact right now. Simply choose “Disaster Relief At Work Inc.” as your designated charity on the pitch.Me platform. The next email or cold call you get, direct them to request a conversation with you on pitch.Me.

People receive well over 20 sales emails a day. If you direct just one of those sales professionals to  request a conversation with you on pitch.Me, you can make a difference for people of Houston with one 15 minute in-app call.

— For more about DRAW, visit them online at or see their efforts from the ground at

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