Neil Fernandes is a former Coca-Cola executive and is now the executive director of a non-profit. So he has a unique perspective of the benefits pitch.Me can provide to both corporations and charities.

He likes what he sees.

Fernandes is the founder and executive director of Rise Above, a non-profit located in Michigan. When those who use pitch.Me designate Rise Above as their charity and then have conversations using the platform, his organization benefits financially.

But his years of experience in the business world allow Fernandes to see how those on the other side of the transaction benefit as well.

“Businesses supporting their local community is really important and top-of-mind to CEOs everywhere. Companies really want to be known not only for what they provide but also how they made an impact in their community. From a corporate standpoint, most organizations can really sell that to their team.”

In the past few months, pitch.Me has seen companies already encouraging their team members to start using pitch.Me to raise money for their favorite foundation or cause like Neil’s – and its working.

In addition to the financial benefit, Fernandes said pitch.Me helps organizations take a very important extra step. Designating a charity on the platform shows a direct belief in the mission and work of that charity in addition to showing a desire to benefit the community as a whole.

“When they get involved through pitch.Me, they really show their intent,” Fernandes said. “They really show that their money’s where their mouth is. Not only do they want to provide an amazing product or service, they also want to support the community in real, tangible ways.

“This is a great way for companies to show how they are corporately and socially responsible within their communities. It gives customers a real opportunity to participate in that with the company they choose to work with.”

Another hurdle some non-profits have is simply not being known. But pitch.Me helps there, too. Imagine that you reach out to initiate a conversation on pitch.Me and find that the person you are seeking a conversation with has designated a charity that you are unfamiliar with. What’s the first thing you’re going to do? A Google search. Some research. And with those things comes new knowledge. That knowledge leads to a greater awareness of the charity. It can also lead to another connection.

That’s often true for Rise Above. Fernandes has found that most everyone who hears about Rise Above can relate to the organization’s mission in some way.

“This organization as a whole and the work we do with these risk-immersed kids really does touch the heartstrings of everybody – we all know a student who is in this category socially,” he said. “And how it impacts them academically. That’s where Rise Above comes in.”

To learn more about Rise Above, visit their website at

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